Lilac Crocus


Red Syndicate


Agricultural technologies and eugenic research are their strong suites of the Red Syndicate. They favor cybernetic and eugenic human troops for their superior efficiency. Their sea and air armada rank among the strongest. The Red Syndicate is the leading energy producer with massive nuclear power under its control. With Atronic capabilities only second to the Supreme Cartel itself, they are one of the two best ion and plasma engine producers.

In 2408 the Red established the first mega corporation-run city-state, Novaya Moskva. As the (Supreme) Cartel’s sphere of influence expanded, the Red Syndicate joined their senate and accepted its overrule on matters of trade, nuclear arms use, and stock and coin exchange regulations. Still, they remained independent on many fronts, not being obligated to join their wars, and keeping their own policies.

With the triggering of the Second Doomsday Event in 2431, initially, the Red Syndicate did not want to get involved in Supreme Jurisdiction’s fight against the CT & AKL alliance to protect Lilac Crocus. Yet they joined in once they gained the upper hand against Hoshi Ryu and Gaogui Quilin on the eastern front. This effectively forced negotiations for a ceasefire in 2432, ending the second nuclear war.