Sturm Technik


The Supreme Cartel


The roots of the Supreme Cartel go back to 2335. They were restructured numerous times, and the final expansion where they were rebranded as the Supreme Cartel happened in 2487 after the Ghoul Outbreak. They were the first survivors of the Second Dark Age owing to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Svalbard Archipelago, former Norway.

The founders are agriscientist Astrid Kjær, geologist Céleste Clemenza, mathematician Tobias Dahl, and ex-military Otto Jespersen. Today they are the governing body of the entire corporation network. That does not mean the Supreme Cartel owns or entirely controls all the corporations, but it is safe to say they are the most influential. In the past, they had multiple significant conflicts with the Celtic Triquetra and other mega-corporations. Even today, not all corporations are full members of the Supreme Cartel.