Inspire, Unite
and Lead the Angels!

You were a human once. But they killed and transcended you — and now the Angels are asking you to lead them.

Angelic is a narrative strategy RPG set in a dark universe. You cannot survive alone and need powerful allies more than they need you.


You may be in pain and suffering. Neither your nor your allies’ tears matter. They will be lost in the never-ending rains of the universe.

You must move forward. There is much to explore. Visit spectacular space stations, colonies, and even devastated cities of Earth. Trade, fight, manipulate, do what you must. Just remember, there will always be consequences.


Experience an immersive dark sci-fi universe that you can govern and contribute to.

Navigate the unforgiving space with your friends to dominate and seek glory or just for some casual excitement. The decision is yours.

Design heroes, upgrade items, pilot ships, own homes, run stores and share epic moments with others.

Angelic is a collaborative intellectual property — we will build and enjoy it together.

Evolve to the Next-Gen
of Humanity

Humanity challenged its own nature by asking a simple but impactful question: “How do we adapt to space?”

The Earth is dying, betrayed by their greed and insolence. Now humans need to settle in space, but they are simply incompatible.

Experience a grim journey alongside legendary heroes. Angelic presents a sophisticated and ever-expanding single player campaign mode as well!

Lead Your Heroes in a Novel Combat System

You are one of the next-gen ones, called neo-humans. Your missions always require a delicate approach — almost the entire universe is against you.

Command spectacular characters, and control them in Angelic’s novel next-gen turn-based battles. Feel the action in all its glory and terror.

Infiltrate human settlements. Investigate and, when necessary, annihilate.

Subtlety may not always be possible. You will have to lead hit-and-run operations, too. Deploy your heroes via drop pods, and dominate the battlefield. But remember, battles are very dynamic, and circumstances can change at any moment.

Angelic is Yours –
You Decide How to Play

We are building a strategy RPG taking place in a dark sci-fi setting, featuring a sophisticated single-player layer while also offering a massive multiplayer component. All are part of a collaborative intellectual property.

We are not building a play-to-earn or pay-to-win game.

We are utilizing all cutting edge technologies to enhance the game, and blockchain technology falls under the same category. We want to distribute ownership, integrate our community with our IPs, and democratize governance.

We also implement only environmentally friendly blockchain tech.

We made Angelic free-to-play so you can evaluate it first. We will be deploying playable builds continuously to gather your valuable feedback.

Angelic is yours. Own it. Build it. Enhance and expand it.
Govern it. Play it your way.

You can enjoy the single player campaign or join the multiplayer. You can compete as a pro player, contribute by showing your creative skills, and can even become a celebrity.

The options are limitless.


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Story So Far

We are all in this together.
Thank you for joining this journey.