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What is Angelic?

Angelic is a narrative strategy-RPG set in a collaborative and dark sci-fi universe. Experience an immersive dark sci-fi universe that you can govern and contribute to. Angelic is a collaborative intellectual property — we will build and enjoy it together. More details can be found here.

Where can I see gameplay?

Gameplay videos can be found on our our official Youtube channel. We also recommend you to join our Discord server and stay tuned for exclusive gameplay events!

Where can I find Angelic and how do I start playing?

Angelic will be available for download through and several other digital stores and platforms when it is released. To begin your journey into our realm all you need to do is download the game on your PC and sign up to your Metaverse account.

Is the game available on PC only, and will it be available on mobile and consoles?

Angelic will be initially available on PC. We are aiming at next-gen consoles as a next step. Switch and mobile versions and companion apps are also being planned in the long run.

Do I need to pay to play the game?

Angelic’s multiplayer is free, just download the game and enjoy!

Why should I play angelic? What are the unique selling points?

Angelic is a blend of party-based RPGs like Mass Effect and strategy games like X-Com.

Each hero in Angelic is unique with believable stories and personalities. They also have their distinct combat functionalities, and thanks to our novel turn-based combat mechanics, players will be in full control of their heroes and feel their spectacular essence in battles.

If you love old school party-based RPGs with their rich storylines, deep characters who are as equally important and impactful as the main hero and their tactical gameplay, and also enjoy the immersive visual quality of modern third-person RPGs…

If you are disappointed in seeing many RPGs in this current generation were turning into soulless shooters, or do not want to be limited by your motor skills and reflexes because you want to focus on story, tactical and strategic gameplay, not just pure action…

If you find the idea of controlling every stunning hero in your team in full – an exciting idea, and knowing each one of them is capable of changing the tide of the battle, and each hero should give a different feeling that relays their distinguished personality…

Then welcome to Angelic. Because we feel the exact same way, and are building Angelic for you (and to be honest, for ourselves).

Please refer to “Part 3: Unique Selling Points & Product Map” in our litepaper for more details.



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How Angelic Implements Blockchain Technologies and Why?

Since 2016, our dream was creating a collaborative, decentralized and democratized intellectual property by integrating our community to the universe and game we develop. By doing that, we were hoping to turn Angelic into something way bigger and better. A universe which would be designed, governed and owned not just by the developers, but also by its community.

That was the reason why we chose Metaverse Game Studios as a name, years before all the hype around that word began.

Angelic is not a play-2-earn game. Angelic utilizes blockchain technology with a far larger and sustainable vision. We believe blockchain can enhance the experience, expand the capabilities of the game and empower our communities.

We promise we never implement any pay2win, play2earn or any other toxic and unsustainable business models. We promise we always utilize environment-friendly blockchain technologies. Please refer to “part 4: Why Blockchain?” in our litepaper

Which chains does Angelic Support?

Angelic caters to both traditional players and web3 players, and you do not need to use any blockchain features or even know anything about blockchain at all to play and enjoy Angelic.

Blockchain components run in the background and only when necessary or requested by players.

In-game assets can be converted into smart contracts by utilizing various chains (currently, we support Solana and Ethereum) on-demand and can be withdrawn to personal wallets.

What in-game assets are on-chain?

It depends on the preference of our players. If you wish, you can convert almost every in-game asset to an on-chain item. There are some limitations, however, to prevent pay2win conditions.

If you want, you can keep playing Angelic without interacting with any blockchain features.

Do I need a wallet or NFTs to play the game?

No wallet, NFTs or anything else required to play the game. Once you sign up, starter pack heroes will be automatically given to you so you can enjoy the game. By simply playing, you can unlock additional heroes.

Single-player campaign will be a premium game and you need to purchase it, however.

What if I already obtained In-Game Assets?

If you are a holder of Angelic official in-game assets, you will be able to register your assets to the game easily. Once your assets are introduced to the game, their in-game utilities will be instantly unlocked for you to enjoy.

As long as you hold the assets, their in-game utilities will belong to your account. Some items act like a soul-bound token, however, and cannot be withdrawn or traded away once they are registered to an account.

What is $ANGL token and where can I buy them?

Angelverse token ($ANGL) is Angelic’s governance token. Holders of $ANGL will be able to participate in the Council of the Angels decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) actions and help us govern the game.

$ANGL is also required for many strategic operations, such as establishing a guild or governing it and more. Please check part 8 our litepaper section for details. 

$ANGL tokens were not generated yet. We will announce the token generation event details and time later, via our social media accounts.

What is $NCOIN, how are they used and how can I get some?

$NCOIN (Neo-Coin) is the native and off-chain in-game currency of Angelic. According to the lore, Neo-Coins were first issued by the Supreme Cartel in the 26th Century and issued exclusively for space projects. After the fall of the national governments, naturally central banks also vanished, but cryptocurrencies did not. During the rise of the corporations, many cryptocurrencies were utilized by them, but the world needed a reserve currency and eventually Neo-Coins filled the mentioned role.

We wanted to stay loyal to the lore and decided to use Neo-Coins as our in-game currency. Players will be able to leverage $NCOIN to upgrade and enhance digital assets such as crew members, heroes, items, and ships. Most of the resources and components can be obtained with $NCOIN, too.

$NCOIN is not tradable outside of the game and cannot be purchased to avoid pay2win scenarios.

How does Angelic’s DAO work and where do I vote?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are core elements in the Angelic metaverse. We, Metaverse Game Studios, promised our players to collaboratively craft the intellectual property and the game, so naturally DAOs (hence, the community and its governance rights over the game) is and will always be significantly important.

The Council of the Angels is the main DAO body of the Angelic. $ANGL – Angelverse token holders will have voting rights in the Council, owning a unique title in the game, too. For details, refer to “Part 6: The Council of Angels” of our litepaper



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How do I contact support?

You can get in touch with us through our Discord and Reddit.

Who do I contact for partnership queries?

Please email us at or get in touch with us via our public Discord server.