Red Syndicate

Lilac Crocus


For a long time, the Celtic Triquetra was their arch-enemy. The main motivation for their Supreme Cartel membership was the aggressive policies of the Triquetra. Besides the Celtic Triquetra, they had to endure the aggression of the Alkebulan-Kemet League frequently. However, unlike CT, AKL occasionally joined their conflicts as an ally. Lilac Crocus’ conflicts with the CT and AKL triggered a nuclear war. The press called it the Second Doomsday Event. Luckily this time, humanity did not repeat past mistakes, and the collateral damage was significantly lower compared to the first global nuclear war.

In 2432, a cease-fire was signed. In 2440, the 3rd Nuclear War broke out since the Supreme Jurisdiction allowed its member to use nuclear weapons. Yet, only two tactical nukes were fired, and the war ended swiftly with a debatable result for all relevant parties.

Today Lilac Crocus is active mainly in the Middle-Eastern territories. They favor human and eugenic soldiers and vehicles. Their priority is to have a solid military presence, and their primary income comes from pharmaceuticals.