Our Team Philosophy

Our team consists of multiple veterans, with massive combined experience, multiple AAA game launches and with a significant publishing and support experience to tens of millions of users. More than 100 million players enjoyed our games, and many of them were acquired by big companies such as Ubisoft,, Microsoft and Peak Games.

Metaverse Game Studios is an independent game development company, utilizing remote working methodology and therefore considers itself a global, decentralized, multinational and multicultural organization.

Dozens of talented people from the US, Japan, China, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Iran, Russia, Portugal, Bangladesh, Ukraine, France, India, Australia, Macedonia, Sweden, South Korea, Mexico and Ecuador (and probably the list of countries extended even more by the time you read these lines) joined the team.

We are proud of our multicultural team! We all believed in Angelic and the vision and we were working hard to bring an epic game with solid blockchain features to you.

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Erkan Bayol

Founder-CEO, Game Director

Petar Kotevski

Tech Director


Martin Petkovski

Senior Developer


Mine Kesebir Bayol

Compliance Director

Emir Guven

Senior Animator


Mihajlo Kicevski


Berk Arda Biren

Software Development

Egor Vasilievich

Community Manager

Koushik Sarker

Graphic and UI/UX Designer

Kiril Gagachev

Graphic Designer

Anastasia Chechura

3D Hard Surface Artist

Orkun Sanal

Senior Animator

Yana Parlak

Senior Rigging Artist

Dasha Ryzhova

Community Manager

Onur Can Melez

Level Designer

Simge Kaplan

Junior Producer

Alina Gurinova

Senior Producer

Andre Butorac

Tech Support & QA

Debora Spiro

Senior Enviroment Concept Designer

Eda Tutkun

Business Development & Social Media Specialist

Anastasiia Kaidalova

Business Development & Talent Acquistion Specialist

Eren Caylak

Cinematic Designer

Eyup Talha Helvaci

Props Hard Surface Artist

Helmut Stark

Lead Hard Surface Artist

Emre Aktuna

Environment Concept Art

Marko Markovski

Tech Support & QA

Morteza Ahmadi

Senior Technical Artist

Pedram Mohammadi

Character Concept Artist

Mehmet Kaan Alper

Junior Audio Designer

Migara Hewawardena

Lighting Artist

Radityo Bagus

Growth and Community Manager

Matthew Filipenko

Front-End Developer

Igor Baturin

3D Hard Surface Artist

Andrej Antunovik

Junior Software Developer

Support Ops

Guillermo Archila


Jose Hernandez

Financial Controller

Bette Hochberger


Antonio Gachev

Web Development


Franklin Bi

General Partner at Pantera

Igal Bini

Head of Strategic Partnerships at IBA

Michael Kam

Co-Founder at Double Peak & Investor at WEB3

Yosef Shaftal

Executive Director at IBA