Gāoguì Qílín


Hoshi Ryu


Hoshi Ryu is a militaristic corporation with unexpected excellence in commerce. They have deep connections with space pirates, and their forces mainly consist of mechas and a strong starfleet. Their primary strategy is an aggressive expansion in deep space colonies. Manufacturers of great ion and plasma engines, they are also capable of producing anti-matter engine prototypes. Though, humans lack anti-matter as a resource considerably.

In 2431, Hoshi Ryu worked with the Celtic Triquetra per agreement on a secret lunar base, but their deal went sour. With a forced hand, Hoshi Ryu informed the Supreme Jurisdiction about the base triggering a conflict that eventually drew all parties to compromise, marking the beginning of the space race.

In 2485 Hoshi Ryu announced the Inner Mantle Nuclear Engine Mega Project in Jakarta. Unfortunately, not everything was going according to plan in the realization of the project. Unexpected anomalies kept arising and were kept secret. 2 years later, consecutive earthquakes caused massive damage to a forgotten top secret US underground bioweapons facility, resulting in an engineered virus contaminating the water sources. Thousands got infected by the mutated virus, marking the beginning of the Ghoul Plague. Many corporations joined forces to help, and the Supreme Jurisdiction was restructured as the Supreme Cartel.

In 2489 Earth was hit by earthquakes yet again, and all infrastructure crumbled. Eventually, Hoshi-Ryu revealed that the inner mantle nuclear plant had suffered from a horrific meltdown that triggered the seismic disturbances. The Supreme Cartel imposed a significant penalty on Hoshi-Ryu, eventually fixing the plant and securely shutting it down.