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Initializing Launch Sequence... Angelic: The Chaos Theatre Open Beta Release 1

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In this first attempt at developing Angelic, we tried to merge blockchain, VR, mobile, and core gaming concepts to present an immersive universe (hence our name, Metaverse Reality Labs). The team developed various playable builds for VR, mobile, and PC.

This first venture eventually failed after a coup d’etat attempt in Turkey deeply disrupted the startup ecosystem.

The founder tried to revive the initiative after changing the name to Metaverse Game Studios. The main focus was the idea of utilizing user-generated content and integrating the community into the IP via blockchain technology. However, the failure of investor talks and vision differences between core members prevented the project from taking off.

Erkan Bayol established Metaverse Game Studios Inc. with a small seed investment from his own pocket. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the project began with the teams working remotely, enabling him to enlist many friends around the world to join the initiative. The seed money quickly vanished, but the team did not. After four years of relentless attempts, the development of Angelic finally began with a passionate, idealistic, and experienced multi-cultural team.

The team released a very early stage combat footage and a narrative introduction trailer. A small step for the gaming industry, one giant leap for Angelic ?

After almost a year-long challenging journey, the team delivered the first playable vertical slice to AAA game publishers and partners for early feedback and suggestions. Without any financial backing and with a fully remote team, mainly assisting the project during their spare time, we consider the release of the early stage build one of the most important achievements in Angelic’s history.

The demo was enhanced and polished further based on the feedback from publishers, then distributed to select influencers for audience feedback.

The reception was positive, and many Steam curators, Twitch streamers, and Youtubers praised the game’s lore and potential.

The team halted the development at this stage and focused on surviving. Meanwhile, Erkan was in talks with publishers, venture capitals, and potential partners to find enough support to initiate the company’s next phase.

After discussing various investment offers and opportunities from AAA publishers and traditional venture capitals, the team decided to focus solely on blockchain partners and token-based financing rounds. The blockchain team was enhanced with experienced advisors and strategic partners. The process of onboarding seed investors began.

Angelic received a $10 Million Investment co-led by Animoca Brands and Pantera Capital, alongside many other blockchain industry titans.

The team immediately onboarded all core contributors to the project. For the first time, the heroes who carried the dream started to work on the game full time. Team expansion also began.

While expanding the team, we migrated the project from UE4 to UE5. We began improving every aspect, from the hero designs and models to environments and cinematics.

The combat mechanics and design were also revamped. In fact, we were just implementing the original design. Previously, due to a lack of resources, we had to implement a very basic version of the real Angelic combat mechanics in the early development stage of the vertical slice build.

With the team size increased to 70+, development on all fronts is accelerated significantly.

The revamped combat module with new features, next-gen graphics, and significantly improved visuals and designs will be introduced for the first time!

The team will launch the test version of Angelic Arena, a player-versus-player, free2play vertical slice module of the main game internally and stream gameplay.

The team will launch the test version of Angelic Arena, a player-versus-player, free2play vertical slice module of the main game to select partners and testers.

Angelic: The Chaos Theatre will be launched to the public and the Public Token Sale will begin.