Red Syndicate

Sturm Technik

Sister Corps of Jawa


Along with AKL, the Sister Corps of Jawa also operates a Ghoul Navy. In fact, they own the biggest one. They are close allies of AKL, or at least appear to be, since there are constant skirmishes and conflicts of interest between the parties. SCJ mostly dominate the oceans, and all their operation bases are giant moving ship-cities.

Instead of relying on strong land armies, they secure their presence in the Cartel via their naval force and strong air defenses. SCJ dislike synths, though they do not outright ban synth-tech. Consequently, their land and air armies mainly consist of ghouls, cybernetics, humans, and occasionally eugenics. Mechas are not favored either due to their massive size, operating costs, and trouble fitting them on ships.