Supreme Cartel




Founded in 2425 in the Suncity, former Florida, by Cynric Darwyn, Irène Skłodowska, and Alexander Feynmann, Angelicon was dissolved by the Cartel on July 7th, 2528, after the Interhuman War. They were the creators of the Neo-humans. Their next-gen synth soldier project, which was the predecessor of the Neo-humans, played a vital role in cutting the Third Great War short in 2440. They saved hundreds of millions of people and became heroes for many. However, their real fame came after the announcement of Project Transcendence. Suddenly, they became a threat to all big corporations in 2507. Iset was born on the very same date, and the fate of humanity changed forever.

Project Transcendence gave birth to Neo-humans, and eventually, the new humans clashed with the old ones. In the end, despite their clear victory, Neo-humans retreated, Angelicon corporation was forcibly dissolved by the Supreme Cartel, and one of the most influential and charismatic leaders of humanity, Charles Isambard Drake, the last CEO of Angelicon, was executed brutally.