Let’s Dive into Crafting

Feb 22, 2022

Let’s Dive Into Crafting in The Angelic

We looked at the high-level elements of blockchain, what blockchain protocol works best for gaming, and why we decided to bring blockchain into the Angelic project. We wrote about how important the player experience is to the entire Angelic team and the critical factors are enhancing the time the player is spending with Angelic, and making blockchain part of the game, not just a side note. If it doesn’t make sense for the game or for the players we steer clear.

Now, crafting: In many games crafting is an essential part of the player strategy…and that is no different with Angelic, what makes us different is that crafting can also be one of the most lucrative activities our players can do in the Angelverse. Players can craft in-game items which they can then use to advance their game experience, rent to other players, or even sell unique items for a profit.

There are five branches in the Angelic crafting system of the game: Item crafting, hero training, vehicle building, colonization projects, and mega-projects.

  • Item crafting — This includes weapons and armor, hero skins, accessories, drop pods, pod customizations, ship cosmetics, space station components and more. Players can create unique items for fun and profit.
  • Meta Estates — Build and use, rent, or sell estates in the Angelverse. Store your gear there, make profits by creating unique locations that others want, the choice is up to you. Stake a claim on the Nexus and create a home you’ve always wanted.
  • Hero and Crew Member Training — While players can’t craft new heroes or crew members they can hire them via Nexus, alliances, other players, and guilds. When you train them by leveling up, customizing, enhancing, and modifying activities you create unique versions of these heroes which can be sold or rented to other players.
  • Vehicle Building — Create new and customized vehicles including carrier ships, dropships, fighter drones, and even mining drones which you can put into service or offer up to other players and guilds.
  • Colonization Projects and Mega-Projects — Huge projects which may require an upfront investment with your guilds. This includes entire starbases, landmarks, and even the discovery of rich new planets to tap into.

Each of the above will allow players to improve their play experience, or contribute to the community in a real and meaningful way.

In Angelic, you own the game, and your stuff

Now let’s discuss how and why our DAO mechanism creates yet another revolutionary step forward in gaming. No other game allows the community a chance to guide the future of the universe they’re playing in.

The Council of the Angels

The Council of the Angels is the main DAO body of Angelic. $ANGL — Angelverse token holders will have voting rights in the Council and have a title within the game itself. These titles reflect the level of $ANGL that they’ve staked and grant them voting rights within the Council as well as additional perks such as access to drops, higher levels get to vote on more critical issues, and at the highest level these councilors will have direct access to the developers

There will even be a single Prime Councilor whose access to the development team will be unparalleled in modern gaming.

What about at launch, periods of transition, and long term position holding you may ask? We call these times Epoch Periods and each is expected to last for one month. During these Epochs the rights and responsibilities of the council are set with a given group of players, at the end of the Epoch the council may change as players make decisions on what to do with their $ANGL, new players reach milestones required for membership, and as the Angelverse changes.

The Council’s Governance Rights

As the Angelverse expands the Council will gain more input into the future of Angelic. This is planned to include:

  • Treasury Management — As the treasury develops portions of its management will be transferred to the Council. This may include additional public sales, deciding how to distribute community, staking, yield farming rewards, marketplace fees and more.
  • Guild Battles — Rules and regulations including win conditions, war and peacetime rules, and acceptable activities may also be organized by the council
  • Game Balance — The Council can modify certain parameters of items, ships, and characters to balance the game putting players in charge of the changes to the future of the game.
  • Community Regulations — Rules for the community will be set by the Council including temporary bans for players and even guilds who violate community and game rules.
  • Game Features: As Angelic releases playable builds (vertical slices) the council will provide feedback and in some cases dictate directions for the features and mechanics being rolled out.
  • Main Heroes: From time to time the development team will request feedback from the council on current and future heroes being added to the game

All voting is planned to use the Quadratic Voting System (QVS) to provide a fair and democratic mechanism to the population of Angelic. This reduces the voting power of large $ANGL holders and title-bearers and reduces plutocracy without entirely erasing the benefits and rights of Council members.

Guild Senates

Player guilds will have their own governing bodies, “Senates”. Guild Senates are micro-scale DAOs to specifically manage their own guilds and players, and to determine their politics and investments.

It will be almost entirely up to the Guild Senate and members themselves how to manage their DAO and set its own rules. Apart from obvious functions such as setting rules for their members, or deciding when to go to war and against whom, Guild Senates also manage the guild treasury and initiate and oversee guild investments (such as mega-projects).

We will be working with player guilds closely while implementing the system. Stay tuned for more updates!

Other DAOs

Neo-Human alliances and the Supreme Cartel of the human corporations are important organizations in the game and they shape will also be shaping the future of the Angelverse.

We are planning to form a DAO body for especially neo-human alliances. Lore-wise players will be essentially on the side of the neo-humans by default. However, the universe of Angelic is dark and unforgiving, and changes can happen!

Expect additional DAO bodies and even more control and governance over the IP and the game will be possible in the long run for our players! Who knows, maybe there are even more “sides” or “races” out there?

We could dive much deeper into all of this, and we will in time, but for now know that we’ve truly thought this through and our reasons for adding the blockchain element to Angelic is so that we can truly build Angelic with our community.