Captain’s Log Entry #9 – Combat Mechanics

Last week I mentioned there might be a surprise for you this week. And here they come: The very first screenshots and even GIFs from the game’s combat.

Today we will talk about combat mechanics. Actually, not just talk. We also see some action.

Turn Based Strategy… with Our Special Sauce

Angelic utilizes turn-based combat, and we think people who love and know TBS will quickly learn and adapt our game’s combat aspect. That does not mean we just copied the existing dominant TBS mechanics, though. We also implemented some of our special sauce to make it even more tasty!

One of the biggest differences is the drop pods. Unlike the other TBS games, you do not start with a predetermined set of units and play the combat with the same team. Yes you still have a team, but it is up to you who to “deploy” where, and even better, it will be possible for you (and for your opponent) to deploy more heroes even after the combat started.

– Seliné Vivarri arrives on the battlefield. All heroes have their special drop pods, and these vessels act like personal shuttles with some cool combat features. Each pod has different bonuses and abilities. When the battle is over, heroes will use their pods to leave the field and return to Osiris, the mothership. –

The combat loop consists of some multiple phases. The first phase is the deployment turn. During that phase, players deploy their hero or heroes wherever they want. Each hero costs some deployment energy, so you cannot unleash your entire roster right ahead.

Then the battle starts. During the battle turn, heroes take turns according to their initiative stat and act. So battle turns consist of multiple hero turns. The important thing is, players do not take turns and move their units. Heroes take turns and move. It is possible that two heroes from your side can move, then one hero from the opponent team can act, and then one from your side and three from the enemy side, etc…

When all the units act once, the battle turn is over and the next deployment turn begins. That is a unique aspect, because that means the entire combat will be a very dynamic experience, and the tide of the battle can change anytime! So even if you got the upper hand during the combat turn, the enemy can still balance things out by deploying some critical heroes on strategic positions during the next deployment turn.


Another major difference is the heroes and how we design and position them. Angelic is TBS – RPG hybrid as you know, so heroes have personalities, preferences, desires… They are unique. I am not only talking about their looks or characteristics; I am also talking about their “abilities”.

– A well placed ability can dramatically change the outcome of battles. Aurora’s “Charged Shot” can penetrate everybody on its trajectory (friend or foe, so be careful). Heroes have unique skills, abilities and weapons. Use them masterfully and you can win every kind of encounter no matter the odds! –


Most of the TBS games feature “soldiers” that are almost identical with each other. Their biggest difference is their weapons. Maybe some minor skill and stat differences… In Angelic, our heroes are massively different from each other. How you use them will dictate the outcome of the battle. A right combination can win the day, while using wrong heroes against wrong opponents can ruin the battle entirely. Strategic thinking is very important, and you must carefully examine the battlefield and the opponents’ units and calculate your next move carefully. Since the game is turn-based, you will have a lot of time to think, no worries.

Zone Control

So, you can deploy heroes during the deployment turn via drop pods wherever you want, and dramatically change the situation instantly. Does it mean the combat now kind of a random action? On the contrary, that means everything can change all of a sudden so you must control your zone(s) carefully!

– Daeva’s Void Storm is a dreadful ability which affects a massive area and can potentially kill multiple enemies on one go. If you are up against heroes who can deal area damage, you should be careful while positioning your heroes. But if you place your heroes too loosely, you might not be able to protect your weaker heroes especially against melee assailants. Decisions… Consequences… –

Angelic is also a tactical game. Strategy, building a grand plan, is important as I said. Tactics are equally important, because even if you bring the right team against the right opponent, you still have to deploy them carefully and use their skills smartly. Although there will be a progression system for heroes (like upgrading their weapons or levelling up their abilities), upgrades or enhancements cannot make up for bad tactics.

I know it is quite hard to understand, yet alone feel the combat with just mere words and some short videos. Bad news is, that is all I can offer for this week. Good news is, next week will be big!

Thank you for reading. Do not forget to join our Discord server and hold tight till next week, which will be awesome! 

Erkan Bayol