Captain’s Log Entry #5 – Symphony of the Forsaken Part 1

“Our world was dying, corrupted… Poisoned by the unsatisfiable greed of humanity. Burned by nuclear wars, devastated by natural disasters.

Betrayed by the infinite stupidity of humanity.

Billions of people had become obsolete. Our new world did not need their muscle power, it had machines. It did not need their services; bots were far better. The world just needed engineers, scientists, managers, and entertainers. The latter was just for paralyzing the masses.

The new world did not even need harlots. Can you believe it? Not…even…harlots! Some say theirs was the oldest profession in humanity’s history. In ancient times, both Romans and Egyptians, as well as Sumerians respected them, mostly for religious reasons. Most of the cultures despised them, while secretly enjoying their company. How fitting to humanity’s double-faced nature…

 And the new dark world… It did not even need them. Fuck me. That was something, wasn’t it?

 And what I have done? I have fixed it, you fools! I fixed the greatest problem of the new word! *I* fixed it! I found a perfect solution for the “idle masses”! Don’t you understand? Strip the feeling of hope from the masses and they became monsters! They destroy everything you think you hold in safety. Give them some hope, even if it is an illusion, does not matter. You control them. Control them for good.

*I* was the ultimate redeemer of your fucking broken world. And you! You fucked it up. If only you could have waited a little more… Until I… I… Well fuck it, does not matter anymore.

Now you judge me. Do you dare to discuss my execution?! Just because some of my angels gone wild? Hah! So be it. Have it your way. When Angelicon is gone, the world as you know it will be gone, too. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a century later. But I can promise you this: It will be gone!

My children will avenge me. Even if they hate me. Even if they don’t want to avenge me.


– Charles Isambard Drake – Last CEO of Angelicon Corporation

These were his last words during his famous trial, after the end of the great war. The Supreme Cartel found Angelicon guilty and dissolved the company, and brutally executed all top-level managers of the company; including the CEO.

While the Giants are Battling…

I wanted to write a different developer diary this time and share a piece of the story with you. We will keep focusing on the narrative side of the game in this article and in the next one.

We are quite close to releasing our narrative trailer, yet we cannot relay all the details of our lore and story with a single movie, of course. Consider this diary post as a predecessor of the upcoming trailer.

So far, we know that the future is quite dark and Earth is mostly a barren place now. Overpopulation and industrialization caused an irreversible climate crisis. To make things worse, humanity suffered three nuclear wars. From the ashes of the old world, the era of the corporations rose. People are no longer citizens of governments, but employees of companies. There are a lot of “undercities” and “deepcities”, meaning cities under the ground or deep in the ocean; all because of the massive radiation on the ground. Limited “clean” territories all belong to the rich and elite. Some corporations host even sky cities, floating massive structures.

What about the others? Unless you are a high-level manager or engineer; or a relative to a big corporation’s shareholder, life is quite hard for you. Many call these people “the forsaken”.

Angelicon was a very marginal company, indeed. Founders of the company made a fortune during the second global nuclear crisis; known as the second doomsday wars, by aggressively buying the stocks of banks, transportation, energy, and entertainment companies. Right after the cease-fire period, prices of these stocks skyrocketed, and the founders became trillionaires. Quickly they started up Angelicon, a robotics, pharmaceutical, and genetics company. Just before the third nuclear war, they got hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of contracts from mega-corporations and announced a next-gen synth soldier project.

The third war declared but thanks to Angelicon’s rapid progress on such spectacular technologies, did not continue for a long time. Already exhausted, Lilac Crocus and Celtic Triquetra accepted to surrender, and the world was saved from ultimate annihilation. Angelicon became a hero for many, although they were still relatively small, they got incredibly famous fast.

Their neutral stance against the big guys was not to last, however. Ambitions were about to clash.

“Project Transcendence”

Angelicon’s rise towards the top tier of the unforgiving pyramid of corporations was just beginning. They had managed to stay neutral for decades and even when they must pick sides, they were at least sympathetic in the eyes of the opponents.

It all changed when they declared an overly ambitious project: Transcendence.

All of a sudden, they became a threat to all big corporations, cartels, syndicates, and trusts.

We will continue our journey on the backstory of the game next week. Until then, please follow us on TwitterInstagramYoutubeFacebook, and Discord.

Erkan Bayol