Captain’s Log Entry #4 – Drama

What is better than exploring the universe, traveling between planets, space stations, and colonies while pursuing adventures in a state-of-art spaceship?

Doing all these actions with charismatic, unique, and deep characters, of course!

The journey you are about to embark on will require a lot of help, anyway.

Here at Metaverse Studios, we believe one of the most important features of Angelic will be the companions, or heroes, you meet throughout your adventure. They can be your friends, lovers, enemies… Or simply be indifferent towards you. Regardless of their view of you, they will always be significant.

Angelic is not a game where the entire fate of the universe falls into your hands. Absolutely not. That is the most senseless, unreasonable, and unrealistic cliché you can imagine.

However, you can still have a solid impact on many lives: Save them, doom them or ignore them. You can achieve great things or fail miserably. But whatever you are planning to do, know that you cannot achieve what you desire all by yourself. You will need help, like it or not.

You will need allies.

Not an Easy Alliance

Maybe you are disappointed when I say, “the ultimate fate of the universe will not fall into your hands” and you will need allies.

Get ready for more bad news. Because those potential allies might have different agendas, motivations, and desires. Just because you want them to assist you does not mean they will start following you.

– Hero quarters module located at the command information center can be used to examine and customize your companions. You can even quickly travel to their living quarters via that panel. – 

The game has some surprises in store for you, but of course, I cannot give spoilers here. All I can say is, from time to time you will have to work with characters that you hate, and even worse, you will have to make a team out of a group of people who literally hate each other. Good luck with that.

If you can gain their respect and trust, however, you will assemble a fearsome force. You can learn more secrets from the universe of the game, unlock more content, and optimize your gameplay experience to the max.

– We will have plenty of customization options for heroes. However, it will not be possible to modify a hero to a point that they might become unrecognizable or lose their identical characteristics. Similarly, you cannot violate their functionalities; like giving a hunter hero a minigun, or a rifle to a melee hero. – 

Still, it will not be an easy task to sync them up, motivate them towards the same goal, and convince them to follow you even into the direst situations. You will have neo-human, genetically modified, cybernetic, and infested companions. They will be living on the same ship. Talking with each other, sometimes fighting with each other. One of your responsibilities will be to make sure that they will not kill each other and focus their anger towards your opponents.

Angelic is Also a Strategy Game, Afterall…

Apart from narrative-wise functions, heroes have also a massive impact on gameplay.

You will have to master your skills on how to utilize their strong points and benefit from their skills optimally to overcome various encounters the game will throw your way.

– Here is the Command Information Center sketch. We wanted to place all major functions into this main room so players can easily access them. Apart from hero quarters, you can determine the next travel location via map module, ask for an audience from Iset the Mother and check your messages via the map panel that might arrive from colonies, space stations or other ships. – 

Heroes are strong, capable, and fearsome, but they are not invincible. We have not revealed the player’s character yet, and although you will also be a notable force on the battlefield, you will not be indestructible. There are many different “classes” of heroes; for instance, you will have assassin, hunter, healer, tank, and melee heroes. You will even have “sorcerers” as the old ones (humans) name them. For humans, anything that they cannot comprehend is called magic. In truth, there are no sorcerers. Just “aisars” and “atronics”. These roles will be discussed later.

As a final note, let me underline that unlike other turn-based-strategy games, units in our game are not just soldiers with different weapons. This is a major difference in terms of gameplay. They are completely different from each other. They have unique skills, different advantages and disadvantages and they use distinct weapons. We have other cool features like drop pod mechanics, combo effects, and functional customizations.

Do not worry, we will show you what we are talking about in great detail soon. 

Until then, please join our discord server and keep following us! Your support means us a lot.