Captain’s Log Entry #1 – Why?

When deciding the topic for our first developer diary, the subject came easy to me. It had to be the golden question: Why?

That simple question forces us to check our motivations. Our reasoning, target, aim… I had to think hard about some solid answers for this deceptively easy, but devilishly hard question. I knew from the beginning that the answer must be powerful, otherwise I should not be investing my life, my dreams, and my hopes into this project.

I have failed once; I cannot fail again.

“Each child’s tear you shed echoes through my anger. For I am now their avenger.
I am their…mother!”

Iset the Mother

(Her final message to corporations, before the interhuman war.)

“I have a dream”

We are developing Angelic because it is our dream. It is our passion.

We know chasing dreams can be a double-edged sword, it presents an immense power, but when left unchecked it can lead you to your doom. So we did our homework, checked the market, saw an opportunity, came up with a plan, and now we are following a reasonable strategy to establish a solid foundation for our product business-wise.

We love the turn-based strategy genre and there are many superb titles out there. However, in our opinion, they lack one thing: a deep, rich narrative layer and solid lore backing it up. How many of you remember characters from X-Com or HoMM series?

That is why we define our game as an RPG/TBS hybrid. We have inherited a lot of mechanics from RPGs, added deep lore, a solid story, and plenty of multi-layered characters. You will care for your heroes, pay attention to what they think about you, what would they want… You will feel their pain and joy. They are not generic cannon fodder or damage dealers; they are your allies and friends.

Does it mean we mostly focus on the RPG elements of the game? Well, we are spending A LOT of time to design characters, but we spent an equal amount of time to make a unique, yet recognizable turn-based battle system for you all to enjoy. Each character you have will bring a unique set of skills and abilities to the battleground, and coupled with our combat mechanics, the battle experience will be both challenging and satisfying.

Let me stop on that subject for now, we will be discussing all these details along the way in future developer diaries. I want to give an ultimate, final answer on why we are making this game:

Angelic is a beautiful game. We know when we finish it, it will be something we will be proud of. It is something we will tell our friends as one of our life’s crowning achievements. In truth, that is all that matters. We all live to write our own stories. We could have chosen the easy path, you know, pumping hypercasual games and such, make relatively easy money… But no, we chose the difficult way. We want something more permanent, inspiring, and glorious. We wanted a real story.

I do not know how the story of Angelic will conclude. Maybe a failure? Or an epic success. Is it really important? I am sure, though, that it will be an amazing bedtime story for our grandchildren, a narrative about how we embarked a great adventure, how we struggled, how we stood against all odds and bravely fought for our dreams.

That is all that matters. Fighting for your dreams.

Erkan Bayol